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H-Series was inaugurated for the benefit of our local partners in key emerging markets

We believe in the potential of hydrogen for emerging markets to take a leadership position in this key accelerator of the energy transition

Green Hydrogen provides a range of opportunities for emerging markets by utilising their vast renewable energy resources to create a zero-carbon fuel to:

  • Export to major markets in Europe, North America and APAC 
  • Decarbonise local industry and shift from fossil fuels
  • Create hard currency revenues
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Accelerate energy transition

“We have a large team at H-Series emboldened and excited by the challenge of helping emerging markets achieve democracy of energy and decarbonisation through rapid deployment of hydrogen. We aim to connect large international buyers, project developers and innovators with opportunities at this early stage of development.”


Simon Marshall

Simon Marshall, Director
t: +44 7951 599358

Event Director for SPE Offshore Europe, Europe’s largest energy show | Director of events for World Energy Congress & International Gas Union | MBA International Energy Management with dissertation on hydrogen development